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"What's Your Dream?"

Over the years I have come  to understand there are only six steps to achieve your dreams. Contact me for a FREE 30 minute Zoom call. This will be fun!

Coach Ricke's coaching is less than hiring a new employee!

Coach Ricke is the founder of the Team Cleaning system in the 70s! He also wrote the software that allows quoting over the phone and never visiting the home. Does it work? Yes!  The accuracy is perked at 99%! Just image the time saved!   Download a FREE copy of "Dreaming of Becoming an Entrepreneur" by clicking the photo >>>>

    1. Text me: 407-592-0402  I will send your a Zoom link for your free Discovery call!

Webinar/ Seminares

Residential Cleaning Courses 1-4

As the founder of one of the very first Team Cleaning companies I have acquired 37 years of experience.  With this experience, in hand, I provide solutions for your Residential Cleaning business. The courses are based on subscriptions and beginning with your choice.

Module One

“Where is My Money?”

Are you struggling with small Profits or no Profits in your cleaning business?You will be amazed where the profits really are.  'Can you see adding hundreds or thousands of dollars to the bottom line? Tim has the solutions! He can and will help you! 

Tim found $19,000 on his 2nd call with Joanne! Module One is here to show the places money resides or is misused. In this module I show you a system to raise prices without losing the clients and them providing you leads!

Module Two

“Marketing Magic”

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Marketing
  3. Lead Closure

Lead Generations is the system which you chose where to market and costs Marketing isn't just sending out ads. It's about doing the math on your ads. Lead Closure is about happens when marketing is doing it's job, now it time to fully understand and how to get the client aboard. AKA making the sale. 

Module Three

“Employees, Quality, Fun Games”

Michael Gerber - E-Myth Revisited author, says every company should have two things to in places soon as possible.

Hiring employees is critical to your business. Finding good employees is not as big a problem as you may think. Tim developed a system to produces high quality at wavy turn. The Rewards game that works is within this module and it's fun! No team of the month. Everyone employee wins!

Module four

Leadership & Communications

To build any successful business that desires to grow the skills of leadership are required in order sell your dream to your employees and clients. 

Communications is a major step in that direction. Not only will you be understood, your self confidence will take giant steps. Think about Steve Jobs how he communicated his dream to all of us and built Apple.

Residential Cleaning Courses 5 -7 +

As the founder of one of the very first Team Cleaning companies I have acquired 37 years of experience.  With this experience, in hand, I provide solutions for your Residential Cleaning business. The courses are based on subsciptions and beginning with your choice.

Module Five

Networking with Confidence

The fear of messing up or not knowing what to say when meeting a new entrepreneur or business associate can be intimidating or end up being embarrassing. But, what if knew exactly how to get past the fear and be comfortable in your Networking? 

That is exactly what you will learn in this module. You'll find you enjoy the process and the gaining of new leads.

Module Six

Amazing Quality!

The Quality College trained the staffs at NASA, AT&T, GM and, hold on, and Tim Ricke at TidyMaid, one of the very first residential cleaning companies, and the only cleaning company to make the investment with the goal of Zero Defects!

When TidyMaid was purchased the client quality rating was 99.6%! We will train you to achieve exceptional Quality! With this in place clients stay!

Module Seven

Group Coaching

As a subscriber you will become a member of Tim exclusive Group Coaching.  Being part of the one going team will keep you on the path to profits and success.

The ideas and creative energy within the group will amaze you! At the end of each call you feel encouraged and filled with great expectations for each new day!

One -On-One Coaching

Herein lies the very best of coaching from the man Michael Gerber - E-Myth Revisited author, calls the Steve Jobs of cleaning.

These sessions are recorded allowing you to refer back to the call and the answers. It will also bring new questions to mind. Coach will hold you accountable for what you SAY you will Do!

Educational Mentors

Anthony Robbins - Jay Abraham - Quality College - 1millioncups - Toastmasters - Michael Gerber - E-Myth

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