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BY Timothy Michael Ricke
How to Sell Diamonds

Selling high priced items is really about presentation! Read as Tim tells his stories of how he first learned  to present, and thereby, have the skills to gain sales of life insurance, coaching, and of course diamonds!

$2.99 PDF
Journeys of the Entrepreneur 

Learn the lessons of 4-year-old Tim Ricke on the paths of learning the first of the skills to coming an entrepreneur. Book one has several stories and lessons all entrepreneurs will need as the progress their way to success!

$2.99 PDF

The Gift

Each of has this incredible gift that goes unseen until the moments of truth arrive. At times at the onset. Other times the Gift arrives as a reality of many years. It is at those moments we look deeper and find The Gift again.

$5.99 Soft Cover
The Christmas Bear

Is a true Christmas Story of a little Mikey, chasing and praying to win a Christmas Bear for his little sister. She has been bedridden for 2 of her 5 years and Mikey.  The discouragement  neraly too much to bear.

$2.99 PDF

 Coach Ricke can help you?

With so many past experiences, Coach Ricke can promise successful changes in your life through seminars, webinars, courses and coaching.

Business coaching

Where's the profit?

Coach Ricke is aways surprised how few entrepreneurs know where the profits are in their business. In your 2nd session he has found form 20K to 90K unseen in his clients businesses. That, my friends, is solid, unquestionable ROI! Remember your 1st session is FREE! Don't think about it, eMail me now, why wait?:

Public speaking

More Sales, & Fun!

Consider this: You can send out massive emails, texts, etc. and hope to gain a few new appointments.  Or.. You can learn from Coach Ricke, as a Tony Robbins trainer to become a  Public speaker! Now you are considered the expert at once!  OF course you are. You're speaking about your business! The new clients come to you and ask for the appointment. WOW!


Author- Credibility

Coach Ricke has written 25 books after developing a very fast and cool system. He can teach you the system. Think about having your very own book to sell or give away free to gain sales or speaking engagements. This can be done in 30 days or less! His book: The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Networks was written in 3 hours!

Real People 


Tim has been blessed to have such wonderful friends who provide their true beliefs in Tim
Joanne braccio - Founder

The things that my coach taught me is for us to listen to him and not to say yes but, yes by yes but!. Another thing he taught me is to: Look for places that we can start saving money so we can have a better profit and the biggest and most important thing is something I never knew and I have been doing for all this time without knowing how to do it and that is my numbers.  Thank you Timothy Ricke 

Isabella Johnston  CEO at Pivot Business Consulting, professor Rollins College. 
Tim has an extraordinary ability to provide incisive counsel. Tim has been my speech mentor for a long time and I can say his guidelines have been addressed to the point ad helped me improve greatly in complementary ideas, presentation and delivery. I do not hesitate to recommend his services.
Jonathan Dunn, Speaker, Dream Manager 
I have known Tim since he shared a wealth of entrepreneur and public speaking wisdom with my students who were preparing business plans.  He supports our entrepreneur ecosystem and is known for his  breadth of background and experience that results in measurable results for his clients. His latest book will not disappoint.
Michael Gerber - E-Myth Revisited author
I’ve watched folks pursue wealth, fame, success from all walks of life, but Tim Ricke’s story starting out at 4 years of age beats them all.  Follow his muse with him, the excitement stimulated by his Big Idea there on the street corner bordering Wrigley Field the baseball stadium.

“I wonder if,” little Tim Ricke thought.

How many new entrepreneurs said the very same thing?!