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I fully understood the return on investment in hiring or working for the best!

Phillip Crosby

The Quality College
Phillip is the author of "Quality without Tears." His goal, as is mine, Zero Defects. I invested, into days dollars, of $18,000!
They following year my business DOUBLE in today's dollar to $505,000! The ROI AKA of Return on Investment 
Phillip has passed on and now I am here to teach you what he taught me!

Jay Abraham

Abraham University
I traveled to San Diego from Orlando for a 3 day seminar with Jay.  I invested, into days dollars, of $27,066!
They following year my business DOUBLE again in today's dollar to $2,255,000
It's all above the value. Most entrepreneurs will reject a program because of price. Look at the value!

Michael Gerber

Radial University
There is no one better at coaching entrepreneur than Micheal Gerber. 
We have joined together in helping entrepreneurs succeed beyond their expectations. Micheal and me believe all business should build a model and when ready there are 3 choices.
Build more company stores, Franchise or sell for far more than you thought!

Tony Robbins

Anthony Robbins Companies
Tony hired me for his company as a trainer and presenter. 
If you are not familiar with Tony; he the guy that gets you to do the "Firewalk" at his UPW or  Unleash the Power Within
So many ask why the Firewalk?
Mammals fear fire more than anything else. Face the fire and all other fear are diminished!

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ROI "Return On Investment"
What could happen should you work with a world-class business coach that has decades of experience in the same business you are operating or planning to open? 
Tim Ricke  took the steps at the beginning by working with the best! His Return On Investments are remarkable.
"Coach Ricke had me look for places where we can start saving money so we can have a better profit and the biggest and most important thing is something I never knew and I have been doing. We found $19,000!" - Joanne Braccio
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